Lazarus Components

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This is an overview of the components included in Lazarus and a comparison to those included with Turbo Delphi (from 2006).

Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TActionList Yes Yes
TButton Yes Yes
TCheckBox Yes Yes
TCheckGroup No Yes
TComboBox Yes Yes
TEdit Yes Yes
TFrame Yes Yes
TGroupBox Yes Yes
TLabel Yes Yes
TListBox Yes Yes
TMainMenu Yes Yes
TMemo Yes Yes
TPanel Yes Yes
TPopupMenu Yes Yes
TRadioButton Yes Yes
TRadioGroup Yes Yes
TScrollBar Yes Yes
TToggleBox No Yes
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TActionManager Yes No
TActionMainMenuBar Yes No
TActionToolBar Yes No
TApplicationEvents Yes No called TApplicationProperties in Lazarus
TApplicationProperties No Yes called TApplicationEvents in Delphi
TBevel Yes Yes
TBitBtn Yes Yes
TButtonGroup Yes No
TCategoryButtons Yes No
TChart Yes* Yes** TAChart
TCheckListBox Yes Yes
TColorBox Yes Yes
TColorListBox Yes Yes
TControlBar Yes Yes
TCustomizeDlg Yes No
TDockTabSet Yes No
TDrawGrid Yes Yes
TFlowPanel Yes Yes
TGridPanel Yes No
TImage Yes Yes
TLabeledEdit Yes Yes
TMaskEdit Yes Yes
TPopupActionBar Yes No
TScrollBox Yes Yes
TShape Yes Yes
TSpeedButton Yes Yes
TSplitter Yes Yes
TStandardColorMap Yes No
TStaticText Yes Yes
TStringGrid Yes Yes
TTabSet Yes No
TTrayIcon Yes Yes
TTwilightColorMap Yes No
TValueListEditor Yes Yes
TXPColorMap Yes No
TPairSplitter No Yes
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes

WIN 32 - Common Controls

TAnimate Yes No
TComboBoxEx Yes Yes in Lazarus on palette "Misc"
TCoolBar Yes Yes
TDateTimePicker Yes Yes DateTimeCtrls_Package
THeaderControl Yes Yes
THotKey Yes No
TImageList Yes Yes
TListView Yes Yes
TMonthCalendar Yes Yes* TCalendar
TPageControl Yes Yes
TPageScroller Yes No
TPopupNotifier No Yes
TProgressBar Yes Yes
TRichEdit Yes Yes* RichView,RichMemo
TStatusBar Yes Yes
TTabControl Yes Yes
TTrackBar Yes Yes
TToolBar Yes Yes
TTreeView Yes Yes
TUpDown Yes Yes
TXPManifest Yes No
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TPaintBox Yes Yes
TTimer Yes Yes
TMediaPlayer Yes No
TOleContainer Yes No
TCOMAdminCatalog Yes No
TDDEClientConv Yes No
TDDEClientItem Yes No
TDDEServerConv Yes No
TDDEServerItem Yes No
TIdleTimer No Yes
TLazComponentQueue No Yes
THTMLHelpDatabase No Yes
THTMLBrowserHelpViewer No Yes
TProcessUTF8 No Yes
TAsyncProcess No Yes
TProcess No Yes
TSimpleIPCClient No Yes
TSimpleIPCServer No Yes
TXMLConfig No Yes
TEventLog No Yes
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes

WIN 3.1

TDBLookupList Yes No
TDBLookupCombo Yes No
TDirectoryListBox Yes No
TDriveComboBox Yes No
TFileListBox Yes Yes in Lazarus on palette "Misc"
TFilterComboBox Yes Yes in Lazarus on palette "Misc"
THeader Yes No
TOutline Yes No
TNotebook Yes Yes in Lazarus on palette "Additional"
TTabbedNotebook Yes No
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TClientDataSet Yes No try TBufDataSet (unit BufDataset)
TDataSetProvider Yes No try TDataSource (unit db)
TDataSource Yes Yes
TXMLTransform No No
TXMLTransformClient No No
TXMLTransformProvider No No
TDbf No Yes
TSdfDataSet No Yes
TFixedFormatDataSet No Yes
TMemDataset No Yes
TCSVDataset No Yes
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TDBChart Yes* No
TDBCheckBox Yes Yes
TDBComboBox Yes Yes
TDBCtrlGrid Yes No
TDBEdit Yes Yes
TDBGrid Yes Yes
TDBImage Yes Yes
TDBListBox Yes Yes
TDBLookupComboBox Yes Yes
TDBLookupListBox Yes Yes
TDBMemo Yes Yes
TDBNavigator Yes Yes
TDBRadioGroup Yes Yes
TDBRichEdit Yes No
TDBText Yes Yes
TDBGroupbox No Yes
TDBCalendar No Yes
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TADOConnection Yes No
TADOCommand Yes No
TADODataSet Yes No
TADOTable Yes No
TADOQuery Yes No
TADOStoredProc Yes No
TRDSConnection Yes No
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TTable Yes No
TQuery Yes No
TStoredProc Yes No
TDatabase Yes No
TSession Yes No
TBatchMove Yes No
TUpdateSQL Yes No
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TIBQuery No Yes
TIBDatabase No Yes
TIBTransaction No Yes
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TSQLConnection Yes Yes*
TSQLDataSet Yes No
TSQLQuery Yes Yes
TSQLStoredProc Yes No
TSQLTable Yes No
TSQLMonitor No No
TSimpleDataSet Yes No
TSQLTransaction No Yes
TSQLScript No Yes
TSQLConnector No Yes
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes

WEBSERVICES Web_Service_Toolkit

THTTPReqResp Yes No
TOPToSoapDomConvert Yes No
TSOAPConnection Yes No
THTTPSoapDispatcher Yes No
THTTPSoapPascalInvoker Yes No
THTTPSoapCppInvoker Yes No
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TWebDispatcher Yes No
TPageProducer Yes No
TDataSetTableProducer Yes No
TDataSetPageProducer Yes No
TQueryTableProducer Yes No
TSQLQueryTableProducer Yes No
TTCPClient Yes No
TTCPServer Yes No
TUDPSocket Yes No
TXMLDocument Yes No
TWebBrowser Yes Yes* IPro
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TCalendarDialog No Yes
TCalculatorDialog No Yes
TColorDialog Yes Yes
TFolderBrowserDialog Yes* No TSelectDirectoryDialog in Lazarus
TSelectDirectoryDialog No Yes* TFolderBrowserDialog in Delphi
TFindDialog Yes Yes
TFontDialog Yes Yes
TOpenDialog Yes Yes
TOpenPictureDialog Yes Yes
TOpenTextFileDialog Yes No
TPageSetupDialog Yes Yes
TPrintDialog Yes Yes
TPrinterSetupDialog Yes Yes
TReplaceDialog Yes Yes
TSaveDialog Yes Yes
TSavePictureDialog Yes Yes
TSaveTextFileDialog Yes No
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TSpinButton Yes No
TSpinEdit Yes Yes in Lazarus on palette "Misc"
TDirectoryOutline Yes No
TCalendar Yes Yes
IBEventAlerter Yes No
TShellTreeView Yes Yes Shell_Controls
TShellComboBox Yes No
TShellListView Yes Yes Shell_Controls
TShellChangeNotifier Yes No
TColorGrid Yes No
TGauge Yes No
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TColorButton No Yes
TFloatSpinEdit No Yes
TArrow No Yes
TCalendar Yes* Yes
TEditButton No Yes
TFileNameEdit No Yes
TDirectoryEdit No Yes
TDateEdit No Yes
TCalcEdit No Yes
TFileListBox Yes Yes
TXMLPropStorage No Yes
TINIPropStorage No Yes
TJSONPropStorage No Yes
TButtonPanel No Yes
TIDEDialogLayoutStorage No Yes
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TTIButton No Yes
TTICalendar No Yes
TTICheckBox No Yes
TTICheckGroup No Yes
TTICheckListBox No Yes
TTIColorButton No Yes
TTIComboBox No Yes
TTIEdit No Yes
TTIFloatSpinEdit No Yes
TTIGrid No Yes
TTIGroupBox No Yes
TTIImage No Yes
TTILabel No Yes
TTIListBox No Yes
TTIMaskEdit No Yes
TTIMemo No Yes
TMultiPropertyLink No Yes
TTIProgressBar No Yes
TTIPropertyGrid No Yes
TTIRadioGroup No Yes
TTISpinEdit No Yes
TTITrackBar No Yes
Component Turbo Delphi Lazarus Notes


TSynEdit No Yes
TSynAutoComplete No Yes
TSynExporterHTML No Yes
TSynMacroRecorder No Yes
TSynMemo No Yes
TSynPasSyn No Yes
TSynFreePascalSyn No Yes
TSynCppSyn No Yes
TSynJavaSyn No Yes
TSynPerlSyn No Yes
TSynHTMLSyn No Yes
TSynXMLSyn No Yes
TSynLFMSyn No Yes
TSynUNIXShellScriptSyn No Yes
TSynCssSyn No Yes
TSynPHPSyn No Yes
TSynTeXSyn No Yes
TSynSQLSyn No Yes
TSynPythonSyn No Yes
TSynVBSyn No Yes
TSynAnySyn No Yes
TSynMultiSyn No Yes


... Yes* Yes*