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*[[Lazarus/FPC Libraries]] - How to create dynamic libraries (.so, .dll, .dynlib) and how to use them
*[[Lazarus/FPC Libraries]] - How to create dynamic libraries (.so, .dll, .dynlib) and how to use them
==The Lazarus User Guides==
==Le guide di lazarus (per utenti)==
*[[Lazarus Faq]] - General information about Lazarus and specifics for Linux and Windows users.
*[[Lazarus Faq]] - Informazioni generali riguardo Lazarus con dettagli per gli utenti di Linux e Windows.
*[[Lazarus DB Faq]] - FAQ on database issues in Lazarus.
*[[Lazarus DB Faq]] - FAQ sui database Lazarus.
*[[Code Examples]] - Example working code for Lazarus.
*[[Code Examples]] - Esempio di programma per Lazarus.
*[[Feature_Ideas|Wishlist/Wanted Features]] - Features that you would like to see in Lazarus
*[[Feature_Ideas|Wishlist/Wanted Features]] - Ciò che vorresti trovare nel Lazarus.
*[[How do I create a bug report]] - You think you found a bug in Lazarus, how can you report it?
*[[How do I create a bug report]] - Se pensi di aver trovato un bug e lo vuoi riportare.
*[[Installing Lazarus]] - An installation guide (please add to it!)
*[[Installing Lazarus]] - Una uida all'installazione
*[[Getting Lazarus]] - Instructions on how to download a released or SVN version of Lazarus
*[[Getting Lazarus]] - Come scaricare versioni rilasciate o SVN di Lazarus
*[[OS X Programming Tips]] - Lazarus installation, useful tools, Unix commands, and more...
*[[OS X Programming Tips]] - Installazione, strumenti utili, comandiUnix, e altro...
*[[IDE tricks]] - Tips, tricks and hidden features
*[[IDE tricks]] - Consigli, trucchi e strumenti nascosti
*[[Lazarus IDE]] - The IDE windows
*[[Lazarus IDE]] - L'IDE di windows
*[[Lazarus Packages]] - A guide for creating a package under Lazarus
*[[Lazarus Packages]] - Guida per creare pacchetti per Lazarus
*[[Install Packages]] - A small guide to install packages
*[[Install Packages]] - Come installare i pacchetti
*[[Extending the IDE]] - How to add functionality to the Lazarus IDE
*[[Extending the IDE]] -Come aggiungere funzioni a Lazarus IDE
*[[doc:lcl/|LCL documentation]] - On line help for LCL (work in progress).
*[[doc:lcl/|LCL documentation]] - Assistenza in linea per LCL (lavori in corso).
*[[Main Loop Hooks]] - How to handle multiple event sources
*[[Main Loop Hooks]] - Come maneggiare fonti di eventi multiple
*[[Asynchronous Calls]] - How to queue methods for later execution
*[[Asynchronous Calls]] - Come mettere in attesa processi per chiamarli in seguito
*[[File size and smartlinking]] - How to smartlink applications and create smaller executables.
*[[File size and smartlinking]] - come creare files eseguibili più piccoli.
*[[Accessing the Interfaces directly]] - Example how to access the LCL widgetsets
*[[Accessing the Interfaces directly]] - Esempi di come accedere a LCL widgetsets
*[[Add Help to Your Application]] - How to create a Online Help for your application
*[[Add Help to Your Application]] - Come creare la guida in linea per le tue applicazioni
*[[Anchor Sides]] - Description of Anchor Sides Feature
*[[Anchor Sides]] - Descrizione di Anchor Sides Feature
*[[LCL Tips]] - Tips and tricks
*[[LCL Tips]] - Consigli e trucchi
*[[LCL Defines]] - Choosing the right options to recompile LCL
*[[LCL Defines]] - Sciegliere le giuste opzioni per ricompilare LCL

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Istruzioni per Lazarus e Pascal

Le guide di lazarus (per utenti)






Coming from Delphi

The Lazarus Developer Guides

LCL - Lazarus component library



  • Getting translation strings right A few notes for programmers on how to create and use translateable strings in your application. Quickly discusses general things about creating strings, offers a few hints on implementation issues and points out some things to consider when using English as base language in particular.
  • Localization Notes:
  • German - Notes and guidelines for translating the Lazarus IDE to German, including a small dictionary to look up often used translations.
  • Portuguese-Brazilian - Small dictionary containing common translations of terms used in the Lazarus IDE for the Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
  • Add language bar explains how you can add a list of translations to the top of a wiki page.

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