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Учебники по Lazarus и Pascal

Руководства пользователя Lazarus

  • Lazarus Faq - Основная информация о Lazarus и отличия для Linux и Windows.
  • Lazarus DB Faq - FAQ по базам данных, с которыми работает Lazarus.
  • Databases in Lazarus - Описание работы с базами данных в Lazarus
  • Code Examples - Рабочие примеры программ для Lazarus.
  • Wishlist/Wanted Features - Возможности, которые хочется видеть в Lazarus
  • How do I create a bug report - Как сообщить об ошибках в работе Lazarus?


Среда разработки (IDE)



Platform specific Tips


Coming from Delphi

The Lazarus Developer Guides

LCL - Lazarus component library



  • Getting translation strings right A few notes for programmers on how to create and use translateable strings in your application. Quickly discusses general things about creating strings, offers a few hints on implementation issues and points out some things to consider when using English as base language in particular.
  • Localization Notes:
  • German - Notes and guidelines for translating the Lazarus IDE to German, including a small dictionary to look up often used translations.
  • Portuguese-Brazilian - Small dictionary containing common translations of terms used in the Lazarus IDE for the Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
  • Russian - Notes and guidelines for translating the Lazarus IDE into Russian.

Additional Components Documentation

  • Pascal Script and Pascal Script Examples - How to use the pascal script components in Lazarus
  • OpenGL - How to use OpenGL in Lazarus
  • KOL-CE - Free Pascal/Lazarus port of KOL&MCK library. How to create very compact applications for Win32/WinCE in Lazarus.

Free Pascal Compiler Documentation

In addition to this site, the latest version of the documentation can also be found online and in a variety of downloadable formats on the main Free Pascal Compiler site. There is now also a WiKi site for FreePascal [1] very similar in style to this one, to allow developers to submit documentation in addition to the official FPC documents below.

Lazarus related blogs and websites