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*16.07.06 Libview version 0.1 released
*16.07.06 Libview version 0.1 released
# Working well under Windows.
# Working well under Windows.
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This example software can load a library and displays all function names it exports.

Currently the software works only on Windows, and it was designed to help generating pascal bindings for c / c++ libraries which put strange prefixes and suffixes to the exported function names.

It someone decides to add more functionality to this software, like the display of more information about the dll or support for other platforms, please consider sending us the project on the Lazarus mailling list to be the next version of libview.



Libview 0.1 showing all exported functions from httpd.dll library.


Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho


Public domain.




Not yet available.

Change Log

  • 16.07.06 Libview version 0.1 released
  1. Working well under Windows.