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The MSE IDE is a Cross Platform GUI Development System completely written in Pascal for Pascal programmers. Despite being a single person (Martin Schreiber) effort for the moment, the IDE has already an amazing feature list. More info and downloads are available on the Home Page

But what about Lazarus ?

Lazarus is an IDE that aims to provide a high degree of compatibility with VCL code while providing a native look on many platforms. The native look is very important for many developers, but combined with the VCL compatibility necessitates many comlex interfaces to the different native widget sets (Gtk,Win32,Carbon,Qt). The continuous evolution of these native widget sets (gtk1->gtk2, win32->?, qt) provoques endlessly catching up. The MSE GUI does not feature (or does not suffer :-) of VCL compatibility. The graphics library provides an interface to win32 and X11. The advantage of the X11 layer is the immediate availability of a large and stable (in time) target platform. The different goals of both projects make that both projects fulfill different needs.

Why this wiki

The design of the MSE GUI is a fresh approach to GUI design patterns. It features many innovative solutions for typical GUI tasks. Being innovative, the MSE GUI library differs substantially from VCL/LCL/CLX. Switching from VCL to MSE may be more challenging than switching from VCL to LCL. These wiki pages aim to ease the first steps with this promising IDE and GUI library.


See home page.

Quick start

Launch the IDE and use Project->Open to open the provide demo msegui/apps/demo/demo.prj. The title of the IDE reflects the opened project. Hit F9 and if you followed the installation instructions be amazed by the speed of FPC+MSE.