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FPOnGuard is port of Turbo Power OnGuard. OnGuard is a library to create demo versions of your Borland Delphi & Kylix & Free Pascal+Lazarus applications. Create demo versions that are time-limited, feature-limited, limited to a certain number of uses, or limited to a certain # of concurrent network users. You could also protect executable file from modification either by hacker or malware. It works for Windows and Linux also. Check it, it is really a cool thing!

This is a source-only release. It includes package for Lazarus 0.9.16 official installer (and should run fine on later versions too).

The download contains the component package for Lazarus + documentation (pdf and hlp file) and probably all original examples ported to Lazarus.

This component is now designed for cross-platform applications (Windows and Linux-like).Pure Object Pascal. However some parts are heavy system dependant.


  • Test network usage code (NAF file is not locked?)
  • Better machine ID (based on CPU and HDD physical serial numbers for example)
  • Merge it with HASP USB keys support and others (plugin system?)


MPL 1.1


You can download it here.

Change Log

  • Version 1.0 2006/06/16

Dependencies / System Requirements

  • None

Status: Beta

Issues: Needs testing on Windows. Needs testing on Linux. Mostly working ;-) Probably not compatible with original OnGuard due to changes (removed asm code replaced with pascal not strictly the same)


  • Create the directory lazarus\components\tponguard
  • Ungzip+untar files into the directory
  • Open lazarus
  • Open the package tponguard.lpk with Component/Open package file (.lpk)
  • (Click on Compile only if you don't want to install the component into the IDE)
  • Click on Install


Read the manual. It's very detailed and contains a lot of samples.