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Online Package Manager is a tool that automates the process of installing, upgrading, configuring Lazarus packages.





GNU General Public License


Dependencies / System Requirements

  • FPC 3.0.0 or newer
  • Lazarus 1.6.0 or newer
  • These versions were available at the time of writing this update.


  • Create a directory for the components, such as "($LazarusDir)\components\onlinepackagemanager".
  • In this directory, unzip the files from the zip file.
  • Open lazarus
  • Open the package "onlinepackagemanager.lpk" from the main folder with Lazarus Menu-->Package-->Open package file (.lpk).
  • Click Compile then Install.

Using the package manager

Getting started

Go to Lazarus Menu-->Package-->Online Package Manager. On startup the package manager will automatically download a list(JSON) with the available repository packages, the package list is displayed in a tree. You can always refresh the list by pressing the refresh button.

Filter the tree/Locate a package


You can filter the list by:

 - Packagename   
 - Package file(.lpk)-->a repository package can contain multiple lpk files
 - Package category
 - Package status
 - Version
 - Description     
 - Author    
 - Lazarus compatibility
 - FPC compatibility
 - Supported widget sets
 - Packagetype 
 - Dependencies
 - License

Operation with the packages


Refresh package list

Pressing this button will download the JSON file again.

Download a package

Check one or more packages then press the download button.

Install a package