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Online Package Manager is a tool that automates the process of installing, upgrading, configuring Lazarus packages.





GNU General Public License


Dependencies / System Requirements

  • FPC 3.0.0 or newer
  • Lazarus 1.6.0 or newer
  • These versions were available at the time of writing this update.
  • Tested on the following widgeset: win32/64, gtk2, carbon, qt(win)


  • Create a directory for the components, such as "($LazarusDir)\components\onlinepackagemanager".
  • In this directory, unzip the files from the zip file.
  • Open lazarus
  • Open the package "onlinepackagemanager.lpk" from the main folder with Lazarus Menu-->Package-->Open package file (.lpk).
  • Click Compile then Install.

Using the package manager

Getting started

Go to Lazarus Menu-->Package-->Online Package Manager. On startup the package manager will automatically download a list(JSON) with available repository packages, the package list is displayed in a tree.

Filter the tree/Locate a package


You can filter the package list by:

  • Packagename
  • Package file(.lpk)-->a repository package can contain multiple lpk files
  • Package category
  • Package status
  • Version
  • Description
  • Author
  • Lazarus compatibility
  • FPC compatibility
  • Supported widget sets
  • Packagetype
  • Dependencies
  • License

Operation with packages


Refresh package list

Press the "Refresh" button to update the package list.

Download package

Check one or more package then press the "Download" button. This will download/extract the packages to a preselected directory. Nothing gets installed. Useful when you want to install the packages manually.

Install a package

Check one or more package then press the "Install" button. The package manager will automatically download/extract/install the selected package(s), then rebuild the IDE when necessary(Designtime/Designtime_and_runtime packages). Confirm the rebuild by clicking the "Yes" button.