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What is OpenMP?

OpenMP is an API accessed by language directives to do multi threaded programming, see also Currently, there is only OpenMP syntax defined for C and Fortran. This page tries to collect some stuff to settle down pascal syntax for it.

Pascal syntax for OpenMP

Proposal 1


At first, I must admit that some parts of the OpenMP specification I still don't understand. They did a terrible good job throwing away all common terms ever used in multi threading context, and invented their own ones.

Syntax vs. Compiler directives

OpenMP for C and C++ is implemented by using compiler directives mainly due to the reasons of source code compatibility (or: standards compliance). So a conforming program is intended to behave the same regardless if the actual compiler compiling the program supports those special pragmas or not.

For FreePascal I don't think this is the way to go, because first it changes comments into code and second, it makes the program far less readable. For C programs this doesn't seem to be an issue, if you get my meaning. But in my opinion, readability is a far more important issue than compatibility to older/different compilers. If all else fails, a preprocessor could be provided to strip out the parallel specific stuff, as has been suggested by Marco.

Well, enough talk, I start with the easier directives which are luckily the more fundamental ones.


The parallel construct can only be used for a structured block. So in Pascal it should be followed by a begin/end pair anyway. If this could be made a requirement (no one-liners allowed), even the clauses that come with the parallel construct can mostly be done in a clean and readable way. So if you take a look at the A.4.1.c example of the OpenMP 2.5 specification, the Pascal version could look like this:

  procedure SubDomain (var x       : array of Float;
                           istart  : Integer;
                           ipoints : Integer)
     i : Integer;
     for i := 0 to ipoints - 1 do
        x[istart + i] := 123.456;
  end {SubDomain};
  procedure Sub (var x : array of Float);
  // Variables declared here should have shared context.
  // This would include the function's parameters then...
        // Variables declared here have private context.
        iam     : Integer;
        nt      : Integer;
        ipoints : Integer;
     begin // of parallel section
        iam := OMP.Get_Thread_Num;  // OMP library calls.
        nt  := OMP.Get_Num_Threads;
        ipoints := Length (x) div nt; // size of partition
        istart  := iam * ipoints;     // starting array index
        if iam = Pred (nt) then
           ipoints := Length (x) - istart; // last thread may do more
        SubDomain (x, istart, ipoints);
     end {parallel};
  end {Sub};
     arr = array[0 .. 9999] of Float;
  begin  // Main program
     Sub (arr, 10000);

More constructs

To be continued...


Proposal 2

Proposal 2

<not yet done>