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PasDoc is a documentation tool for the Object Pascal code. Documentation is generated from comments found in your source code and from external files. It can parse source code with all the modern Pascal features. Inside the documentation you can use many @-tags for formatting and linking.

Many output formats are supported: HTML, HtmlHelp, LaTeX, latex2rtf, simplexml.

There's a command-line and GUI interface.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • support for many languages to localize your documentation,
  • configurable comment markers,
  • you can create large introduction pages for your documentation using the same markup,
  • easy search box for the documentation,
  • configurable automatic linking and automatic extraction of "abstracts" from the documentation,
  • spell checking,
  • caching to speedup generating large documentation.




 git clone

SourceForge SVN (auto-synchronized with GitHub):

 svn co