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Pascal is a programming language designed by Niklaus Wirth in the 1970's.

It was originally intended as a tool to allow people to learn how to program, but because of the popularity of various implementations such as the original UCSD Pascal in the 1980s, and Borland International's development of the Turbo Pascal for the MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems, Delphi for Microsoft Windows, and the Kylix implementation of Delphi for Linux, the Pascal programming language has become powerful enough to be used for general purpose application program development.

Examples of how powerful the Pascal language is include

  • The original UCSD Pascal compiler, and most of the run-time system, were themselves written in Pascal.
  • The development of Borland International's Turbo Pascal version 6, in which the program editor and integrated development environment were written in Pascal.
  • The framework created as part of Turbo Pascal 6 for users to design certain applications similar to the program editor, which was called Turbo vision, was also written in Pascal.
  • This compiler, the FPC Pascal Compiler, is itself written in Pascal.

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