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Books about Lazarus

Books about Free Pascal

Other books that may be relevant

These books do not cover Lazarus or FreePascal specifically but can still be very useful.

  • Essential Pascal - Introduction to Pascal. Book translated into many languages.
  • Delphi Delphi and Lazarus share many concepts and this book can help you understand Lazarus as well (file no longer available from original site
  • [1] - Essential SQL, useful if you use SQL-based RDBMS such as Firebird, Interbase, PostgreSQL with FPC/Lazarus

Periodicals which publish content about Free Pascal and Lazarus

  • Blaise Pascal Magazine - A periodic magazine dedicated to Pascal programming in all variants. Offers English, Dutch and Russian versions.
  • Clube Delphi - From Brazil in Portuguese. Mostly dedicated to Delphi, but also publishes Free Pascal/Lazarus material regularly.
  • FreeX - FreeX publishes in German mostly about Linux, but starting from 2012 is also publishing Free Pascal/Lazarus articles.
  • Pascal Gamer Magazine - a free, online, downloadable (PDF) publication devoted to game development in Pascal
  • Delphi Gamer Magazine - an English language publication about making games with Object Pascal

Periodic Magazines which publish content about other Pascal variants


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