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PowerPDF is a set of visual and non-visual components, which can be used to create PDF documents.

The output is a PDF version 1.2 document. PowerPDF is not made for reading existing PDF documents.


The components were originally written by Takeshi Kanno.

The Lazarus port was done by Chtk and jesusrmx. Some Lazarus examples have been created by Xno.


The Delphi version of PowerPDF is licensed under the LGPL. The Lazarus port is as well.


PowerPDF for Lazarus last version and the original port package and can be downloaded from the Lazarus CCR SourceForge mirror. The original PowerPDF Lazarus port can also be found here (Internet Archive; original link dead).


You can checkout the actual source from


The commandline to do this is:

svn co svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/lazarus-ccr/svn/components/powerpdf


PowerPDF for Lazarus has been tested with Lazarus 0.9.10 and the 0.9.11 nightly builds. Earlier versions have been untested.


  1. Unpack the .gz file to a place where Lazarus can find it (e.g. the components subdirectory).
  2. Open the pack_powerpdf.lpk file in Lazarus.
  3. Click the Compile button to check it compiles without problems.
  4. Click the "Use >>" button and select "Install"
  5. Lazarus will ask you if you want to rebuild it, press "Yes"
  6. Lazarus will be rebuilt and restart
  7. Make sure PowerPDF (pack_powerpdf) was successfully installed by checking under the 'Components->Package Graph'


  • 0.9 - In this version the following changes were made:
Previous version was unversioned now it's 0.9.
Fixed JPEG package dependency.
Converted some samples.
Added package to lazarus-ccr svn repository.