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{{Projects using Lazarus}}
{{Projects using Free Pascal}}
== Active Lazarus Projects ==
== Instructions for adding your project ==
=== Shell for Gammu (Mobile Phone Tool) ===
This page lists the categories of projects using Free Pascal. Each project entry in a category should contain a short description, a link to the home page and, if applicable, '''a''' screenshot or a maximum of two small screenshots ('''not''' multiple huge screenshots!). Please pick the most appropriate category sub-page. Please do '''not''' list your project in multiple categories, just pick the most appropriate one. Bear in mind that someone else is donating the server space that you are using.
The [http://www.petersieg.de/gammush Gammush Site] offers hardcopies and downloads for this
Application. Gammush is a shell for gammu.exe. It allows to backup/restore your phone data,
get, edit , put logos, set date+time, send sms messages etc.
=== The Synapse Project ===
== Projects using the Lazarus Component Library (LCL) ==
The [http://www.ararat.cz/synapse/ Synapse Project] by Lukas Gebauer provides a serial port and synchronous  TCP/IP Library for Delphi,C++ Builder, Kylix and FreePascal. This is a high quality offering with too many features to list. The packages are robust, reliable, work well with Lazarus and FPC and the code is easy to follow and maintain... ''highly'' recommended!
=== The Icebox ===
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Business Software|Business Software]]
A lot of useful Lazarus/FPC related information and components can be found on Tony Maro's [http://tony.maro.net/ Icebox site]. His TMPack, Checkbook Tracker and RDP Frontend application are all excellent examples of the quality components and applications that Lazarus is capable of producing.
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Communications software|Communications software]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Components and Libraries|Components and Libraries]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Databases and Tools|Databases and Tools]] (see also [[Portal:Databases|database portal]])
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Developer utilities|Developer utilities]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Editors and IDEs|Editors and IDEs]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Educational software|Educational software]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Games|Games]] (see also [[Portal:Game_Development|game development portal]])
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Hobby software|Hobby software]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Medical and Scientific software|Medical and Scientific software]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Multimedia|Multimedia]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - User utilities|User utilities]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Web|Web]]
=== MRIcron ===
== Projects using the fpGUI graphical user interface ==
[http://www.sph.sc.edu/comd/rorden/mricron/ MRIcron] is a medical image viewer that includes volume rendering and statistical analysis. The source code is available under the BSD license. The software includes sample images of the brain.
* [[Projects using fpGUI|All projects]]
=== TruckBites ===
== Projects using the MSEgui graphical user interface ==
Business management software for independant trucking companies and owner/operators (for the USA.)  Written under contract by [[user:Tonymaro | Tony Maro]] for both Linux and Windows for "Partners in Trucking, LLC".
Still under development, anticipated release in the next few months.
=== Project Theseus ===
* [[Projects using MSEgui|All projects]]
Tom Lisjac's [http://theseus.sourceforge.net Project Theseus] is using Lazarus and FPC for creating a rapid deployment and distribution system for Linux called [http://theseus.sourceforge.net/index.php?wiki=EpikBuilder Epik-Builder]. [http://theseus.sourceforge.net/index.php?wiki=EpikStopwatch EpikStopwatch] and [http://theseus.sourceforge.net/index.php?wiki=EpikBrowser EpikBrowser] are also Lazarus based projects that are currently under development.
=== SilentCoder's site ===
== Console projects ==
DireqCafe A complete and full full featured internet cafe solution for LTSP and a number of other useful lazarus programs can be found on A.J. Venter's site: [http://www.silentcoder.co.za silentcoder.co.za].
=== GTK-Fireadmin ===
* [[Console projects|All projects]]
A GTK based Firebird Administration tool using Firebird Objects and Lazarus Components  is available [http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtkfireadmin/ here].
=== GTK2forpascal ===
== Library projects ==
Mattias Gaertner's [http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtk2forpascal/ gtk2forpascal project] is developing the bindings for pascal to use the gtk2 libraries (gimp tool kit). Supported Languages are [[Free Pascal]] and Kylix and the bindings are intended to work under Linux, FreeBSD and Win32. These bindings are now also part of the packages supplied with fpc.
=== Cactus Jukebox ===
* [[Projects using Free Pascal - Libraries|All projects]]
Cactus is an audio player that comes with a database to organize your mp3 file collection. Take a look at [http://cactus.hey-you-freaks.de Cactus Homepage]. It's plattform independent and currently available for linux and win32.
Since actual v0.3 it supports managing and uploading files on a mobile player.
== See also ==
=== OggBase ===
* [[Other projects using Lazarus]] - dead and abandoned Lazarus projects (maybe good for ideas).
[http://sourceforge.net/projects/oggbase/ Oggbase] is a FreePascal/Lazarus program for managing your Ogg-Vorbis files in a Database.
* [[Components and Code examples]]
* [[Operating Systems written in FPC]]
=== The Light Pascal Toolkit (LPTK) ===
* [[Using the Lazarus-ccr SVN repository]]
The goal of the [http://lptk.sourceforge.net/ Light Pascal Toolkit] Project is to create a free object pascal toolkit for linux and windows GUI development. It looks pretty interesting... check out the [http://lptk.sourceforge.net/screenshots.php screenshots]!
* [[Case Studies]]
* [https://lazarusccr.github.io/apps/ Lazarus Apps Showcase on GitHub]
=== CUPS for lazarus ===
* [[:Category:Code|All Wiki Source Code Examples]]
Olivier Guilbaud [http://cups4lazarus.sourceforge.net/ CUPS for lazarus project] is developing the bindings for pascal to use the CUPS  (Common UNIX Printing System) libraries. With some dialogs for select printer, setup printer, setup printer jobs.
Note: This package is deprecated, Cups for Lazarus is now integrated in Printers4Lazarus package which is included with Lazarus. --[[User:Jesusrmx|jesusrmx]] 20:10, 26 June 2006 (CEST)
=== LazReport ===
[http://lazreport.sourceforge.net/ Report generator] based on FreeReport 2.32.
LazReport can be downloaded through CVS, see the LazReport SourceForge project page for details: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lazreport. The latest bundled package is available through the LazReport SourceForge release system, currently LazReport-0.9.3-20060704.
Please report problems using the freepascal bugtracker: http://www.freepascal.org/mantis/main_page.php, project: "Lazarus Packages".
To work correctly, LazReport needs Printers4Lazarus package version 0.5 or what is the same: Lazarus revision
9451 or later. The Recomended FPC version to try LazReport is 2.0.2 or the curent 2.0.4 release candidate (at the moment, nightly Lazarus Snapshots would be fine). FPC 2.1.1 is not recommended at all.
Cups4Lazarus is not needed anymore as it is integrated with package
Printers4Lazarus already included in Lazarus.
=== Indy for lazarus ===
Begun only a short while ago, this project has as an ambition to port the 119 components Indy de Delphi/Kylix on FPC/Lazarus.
See [http://indy4lazarus.sourceforge.net/ Indy for Lazarus project] and a
[http://indy4lazarus.sourceforge.net/images/img1_1.jpg screenshot].
=== Lazarus ''SQL Explorer'' ===
It offers one General Database IDE for all databases supported by SQLDB suite.<br>
Home Page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlexplorer/
=== Seksi Commander ===
GPL Filemanager for Linux developed in Lazarus and FreePascal.
Integrated bin, text, hex viewer (own component) and editor based on SynEdit.
Home Page: http://radekc.regnet.cz/
=== Synaser ===
Library for serial communication (Linux, Windows) from author of Synapse.
homepage: http://www.ararat.cz/synapse/  (same as Synapse)
=== Dedalu ===
A collection of small and simple projects developed in Lazarus by Giuseppe Ridinò (aka Pepecito). They are games, editors, utilities, etc.<br>
Homepage: http://dedalu.sourceforge.net/
=== Audio Component Suite ===
A collection of components to develop applications for audio playing/recording/processing. Can play wav,ogg,mp3,mp2,wma ... record from any recordable source, do everything simultan, ripping and more ..
You can find all about it in the Code and Components section or Download section
=== GLScene ===
A complete 3D graphics library using OpenGL for rendering. You are able to edit your 3D scenes directly in the IDE. Further information can be found on the main page ([http://www.glscene.org GLScene]) or in [[GLScene|GLScene's 'Code and Components' section]].
=== ISA Digital Osciloscope ===
A graphical interface for a digital osciloscope. The osciloscope itself is an ISA card with a probe to measure waves. It works on both Windows and Linux. There is some information on how it is being built on [[Hardware Access]]. The full documentation (in English and Portuguese), screenshots and the source code of project can be downloaded [http://eletronicalivre.incubadora.fapesp.br/portal/english/oscilloscope/ here].
=== Virtual Magnifying Glass ===
[http://magnifier.sourceforge.net/ Virtual Magnifying Glass] is designed for visually-impaired and others who need to magnify a part of the screen. Unlike most similar programs it does not open a separate window for the magnification but instead puts a movable magnifying glass on screen. The project was converted from Visual Studio .NET to Lazarus and now offers a Linux version. Mac OS X and Pocket PC versions are planned.
=== Becape ===
[https://sourceforge.net/projects/becape/ Becape] is a open source backup tool aimed to personal/desktop usage. It does incrementall backups and stores the backup info in a sqlite database allowing to restore the exact state of the backed files at a choosen date. It's fully written in Lazarus/Freepascal.
=== Master Maths ===
[http://www.mastermaths.co.za Master Maths] specialises in computer based training and maths.  The 3rd incarnation of our flagship product is developed using Lazarus, Firebird and [http://www.techinsite.com.au tiOPF v2].  The product has two parts. A Administration application and a Learner Browser (used to view and mark the teaching modules).  The Learner Browser uses Macromedia Flash extensively. The complete product runs under Linux and Windows.
=== laz-Indict ===
[http://sourceforge.net/projects/indict Indict] is a English-Indonesian dictionary and vise versa with collection more than 170.000 words entry. This application was initially written in Delphi (run on most 32 bit Windows) and using TAdvantageDatabase engine. But it has been converted to Lazarus and using Firebird database to make it able to run on more platforms, and named as <b>laz-Indict</b>. laz-Indict (and the database) can be downloaded from [http://esnips.com/web/delphindo-extras here]. It has been tested on Windows and Linux.
=== Skychart / Cartes du Ciel ===
[http://www.ap-i.net/skychart Skychart] is a free software to draw a map of the night sky for the amateur astronomer from a bunch of stars and nebulae catalogs. It shows the position of the planets, simulates an eclipse and more.
=== BrasLib ===
[http://br.groups.yahoo.com/group/BrasLib-devel/ BrasLib] is a new report component for Lazarus under development by brazilian programmers.
=== Audio X ===
[http://www.ullihome.de Audio X] is an media management tool, that organize and sort your media without an database so everything is ever actual. A lot of audio formats are useable directly but you can also organize your LP or CD collection with it,it stores the data in XML Files so they are viewablealso with an webbrowser ... 
=== QFront ===
[http://www.ullihome.de QFront] is a platform independent Frontend for the CPU Emulator QEmu
=== dbmaker ===
[http://www.rgsoftware.de dbmaker] is a database application using TDbf and LazReport. Its user interface language is german.
=== fenixsql ===
[http://fblib.altervista.org fenixsql] is a simple admin tool for firebird sql database
=== WikiHelp ===
[http://www.ullihome.de WikiHelp] is an small Tool that generates HTML Pages from an Wiki. It downloads the content Automatically and convert the WikiText Pages into HTML. Most WikiText Features are useable including Images,tables and so on.
'''If your Lazarus project should be listed here, please edit this page and add it!'''
== Orginal contributors and changes ==
This page has been converted from epikwiki.
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Instructions for adding your project

This page lists the categories of projects using Free Pascal. Each project entry in a category should contain a short description, a link to the home page and, if applicable, a screenshot or a maximum of two small screenshots (not multiple huge screenshots!). Please pick the most appropriate category sub-page. Please do not list your project in multiple categories, just pick the most appropriate one. Bear in mind that someone else is donating the server space that you are using.

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