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Ancestromania (Sources) is a fully LGPL genealogy software. It is user-friendly. You can import and export to Gedcom. You can export to Geneanet and to a web site. There is a great graphical tree, with fast classic trees. There are a lot of supporting documents. Ancestroweb creates a static genealogy's web site. It is French, but can be translated easily. It is part of Ancestromania.

2012-05 Ancestroweb carte.jpg


Albireo is a small-footprint astronomy software for hobby and amateur astronomers. Albireo can be used as an observation documentation and object identification tool. It should be working on any MS Windows-based PC.

Screenshot-Albireo 097-EN.jpg

ASTAP / Astrometric STAcking Program

ASTAP is a free astronomy program for astronomical images. It contains an astrometric (plate) solver, does stacking of deepsky images, photometry and contains a FITS viewer. It works with astronomical images in the FITS format, but can import RAW DSLR images or XISF, PGM, PPM, TIF, PNG and JPG images. Available for Windows, macOS and several Linux versions. I addition to the GUI, it is used by several other astro-programs for astrometric (plate) solving using the command line mode.


CQRLOG is an advanced ham radio logger based on MySQL database. Provides radio and rotor control based on hamlib libraries (currently support of 140+ radio types and models), DX cluster connection, HamQTH/QRZ callbook, a grayliner, online log upload (HamQTH, ClubLog, HRDLog), a most accurate country resolution algorithm based on country tables developed by OK1RR, LoTW/eQSL, membership tracking, bandmap and much more. CQRLOG is strongly focused on easy operation and maintenance. CQRLOG source.


Golfml Applications

Golfml Applications are aimed at golfers and golf course managers. The purpose of GolfML is to provide a XML-based file format for the exchange of golf-related data. CourseWriter is an application for easily authoring golfml files and editing them. Golfml Reader is to display and test golfml data files. USGA/EGA Calculator has various golf handicapping functions, and uses golfml data files. Executables for Linux 64 and 32 bit and Windows 64 and 32-bit. Source code for all applications.


GHTopo is a cave-mapping software using TOPOROBOT methodology and his Tab format. It's written in Lazarus by JP CASSOU. Exists also Java version, and the calculation processor has been ported in Python. The Toporobot original software (LimeLight) runs only under Macintosh; is proprietary and probably abandoned: links to download are broken. GHTopo is the "" of the TOPOROBOT cave surveying concept. GHTopo includes a powerful calculator, geocoordinates converter and magnetic declinations calculation. Exists also stand-alone version of the utility.

GHTopo screenshot   3D view


GHCaveDraw is a drawing program for cave mapping, used with GHTopo. This program usus BGRABitmap library for transparency of scraps

Using scraps   Using scraps and offset of groupes

HNSKY / Hallo Northern Sky

HNSKY is a free planetarium program to draw a map of the night sky for the amateur astronomer using a telescope. It shows the position of the stars, planets and moons, comets, minor planets and deepsky objects. The program can control a telescope. Available for Windows, macOS and several Linux versions.


LazScope is a simple oscilloscope project. It uses an Arduino Uno/atmega328p board with serial connection to sample waveforms with the builtin ADC and transmit the resulting data to an application for display on a PC/laptop. Both the micro controller firmware and display application are written in Lazarus and compiled with FPC.

50Hz sine 500Hz squarex32 win.png

Morse Machine

Morse Machine is an implementation of "A Fully Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine" first described in a May 1977 QST article of the same name by Ward Cunningham using Lazarus. The program teaches Morse code by sending a character and waiting for you to type what you heard on the keyboard. It grades your score and adds new characters when it sees that you are ready. The program is released under the GNU GPL version 2. Due to its use of the sound card, this implementation is for the Windows platform.



The RubiRobot project allows you to use Free Pascal and Lazarus for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 programming.

RubiRobotManager Example of PID controller

Skychart / Cartes du Ciel

Skychart is a free software to draw a map of the night sky for the amateur astronomer from a bunch of stars and nebulae catalogs. It shows the position of the planets, simulates an eclipse and more.


Virtual Moon Atlas

Virtual Moon Atlas is software for lunar observation and study. It uses GLscene to give a realistic view of the Moon at any given location and time. The computations are done with the JPL ephemeris for extensive precision. It includes the most complete lunar formation database and picture library. The binary distribution is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.