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The Game

The idea came from an old DOS-game from TOM-productions (homepage with download (it's a nice game!)): You control your body through a world consisting of 5*5 rooms consisting of 20*20 fields. Every field contains a special game-object; this can be a wall, a bad robot who wants to kill you (because of the robots, the game is named Robot), a door (for each door, you need a special key) and so on.


Inside of Robot 1.5 while playing:


Startscreen of Robot 1.7:


Editor-mode of Robot 1.7:



The code was written to demonstrate the possibilities with a very small set of programming techniques. The code doesn't use OOP, it is completly procedural (but embedded into one little form). I started this project while I was showing Lazarus to a friend to show him how easy it is to program a little application. It is not very difficult to teach a little bit of procedural and imperative programming so that you can do a little bit stuff. Then I said, "I show you what you can do with this"...

The code is well documented in english.


Movement is controlled by the arrow-keys. You can pick up things lying around by simply going to them. They will be put into your knapsack. Select the thing in your knapsack you want to use with spacebar. You can use them by pressing enter. There are corrosive liquids filled in bottles lying around. You can remove walls with them (only the bright walls). To go thru a door you must have a key of the right color. You won't need to select the key - just having the right key in your knapsack is sufficient. The are 3 diamonds laying somewhere around. You need them to defeat the bad king. You have to put them near of the diamond-places (go there and select it in your knapsack). You can save the game with the clocks laying around. ...

Control of Editor

Go into the editor mode (menu). All game-objects are listed in your knapsack. Simply select an object and place it in the present room by left-clicking at the wanted position. You can also select the objects in the knapsack by clicking on them. With a right-click, you can remove an object. With Ctrl+Arrowkey, you can switch to other rooms. Don't forget to come back to the room where your body is, because else, you can't resume playing on exiting the editor mode.


The game itself is in german, that means, that all messages inside of the game (a little description and a few state messages) are german. Perhaps you can translate it? :)

It should not disturb so much (I give you a description...) and the interessing part is also the source code.

There are versions from 1.5 to 1.7 available at the moment. The code is extended and buxfixed a little bit in newer version, but there is no real big difference. Version 1.7 contains an ingame-editor now and there is a new world since version 1.7 (feel free to design own worlds or perhaps a whole new game based on this engine; it should not be difficult).


You can download the source and binaries for Windows, Linux (i386 and powerpc) of Robot 1.7 from Lazarus-CCR Sourceforge site.

The homepage of the project is, where you can find additional informations.

If you have questions, simply ask me.


It is under the LGPL.


Albert Zeyer