Standard Pascal

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Standard Pascal is a specification for the Pascal language that defines the minimum level that a Pascal compiler must support in order to be a true compiler of the Pascal language. The following are the standard keywords that all compilers must support:

begin · end · for · goto · if · label · repeat · then · until · while · do · type · var

The following symbols are also part of the language:

:= (becomes) · = (equal) · > (greater than) · < (less than) <> (not equal)

There are additional keywords which are not technically part of the Standard Pascal language but are used by FPC either for additional functionality such as for implementing objects, compatibility with the error recovery concepts exposed by C++, or to provide compatibility with Borland Pascal and earlier Pascal compilers. These keywords include:

implementation · finally · try · unit.


There are the standard types:

integer · smallint · longint · real · boolean · string · char