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TECLightView eclightview.png is a lightweight text component. It can display text, images and links. It implements vertical scrollbar only. It does not implement carret.


TECLightView is part of Eye-Candy Controls (shortly ECControls or EC-Controls) set of visual controls written for Lazarus. Their design is based on Themes, therefore its look is very native everywhere, no matter what widgetset you use.

TECLightView is installed to the tab EC-C on the Lazarus component palette.

Each release is announced on Lazarus Forum in section Third Party Announcements. There are always attached files README.txt (list of all known issues) and CHANGELOG.txt (list of all changes from previous release).


GNU Lesser General Public License 2.0 with linking exception (a.k.a. Modified LGPL). File ectabctrl.pas contains license header. Also, files COPYING.modifiedLGPL.txt and COPYING.LGPL.txt are bundled to each archive.


This component is written by Blaazen. Copyright notice and real name is mentioned in the header of the unit. You can contact author on Lazarus Forum (nickname: Blaazen) in any thread about EC-Controls. If you are logged in to forum, you can get author's e-mail or send him private message.

Download and Install

See Eye-Candy Controls#Install


Tag Pair Parameter Description Example
a N string Link (URL) %a"https://www.getlazarus.org"\
b Y - Bold text %b\Bold text.%b\
c N - Centered text %c\Centered text.
d Y - Stretchdraw images %d\%x"image.jpeg"\%d\
e N string Link (mailto:) %e"firstname.surename@domain.org"\
f N integer Font height (0=default) %f2\ %f-2\ %f0\
g N integer Image from ImageList (property Images) %g2\
h Y color Text background color ($BBGGRR) %h$FF0000\Text with blue background.%h\
i Y - Italic text %i\Italic text.%i\
j N - Align images to the left %j\
k N - Align images to the right %k\
l N - Left aligned text %l\Left aligned text.
m Y - Monospaced text %m\Monospaced text.%m\
n N - New line %n\
o N integer Horizontal line %o1\ %o2\ %o3\
p Y - Preformatted text %p\Preformatted text: %n\ tag for a new line not needed.%p\
q N - Align images to center %q\
r N - Right aligned text %r\Right aligned text.
s Y - Strikeout text %s\Strikeout text.%s\
t Y color Font color ($BBGGRR) %t$FF0000\Blue text.%t\
u Y - Underlined text %u\Underlined text.%u\
v N - New line below image (when text floats around) %v\
w N string Image from resources (no extension in name) %w"image"\
x N string Image from file (bmp/jpeg/png) %x"image.jpeg"\
y Y integer Link (OnInterLinkClick event) %y0\OnInterLinkClick event 0.%y\
z N - {Reserved for internal text layout} -

Using the Component


Left button

Click on a %a\ tag opens the default web browser on the specified URL.

Click on a %e\ tag open the default email client.

Click on a %y\ tag triggers OnInterLinkClick event with integer parameter AIndex.

Middle button

Does nothing.

Right button

Opens context menu.

Mouse Wheel

Scrolls the content up/down.


(Component must be focused).

Arrow keys Up/Down scrolls the content up/down.

PageUp/PageDown scrolls the content up/down.


property PathToPictures: string;

Path to folder with images. Needed for the %x"filename"\ tags.

property TextData: string;

This property is for source data, i.e. tags with parameters and text.