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The Demo-program is included!
'''[http://forge.lazarusforum.de/projects/show/expandpanels Download Package and Demo]'''
'''[http://alexanderroth.spacequadrat.de/content/expandpanels Download Package and Demo]'''
Soon the source is available [http://forge.lazarusforum.de/projects/show/expandpanels here]
You can check out the svn with this command:
You can check out the svn with this command:

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The package contains two components. The visual TMyRollOut and the non-visual ExpandPanels. TMyRollOut is a collapsable panel. Two or more TMyRollOut's can be automatically put beneath each other with ExpandPanels.

Further information: [1]

Current Version: 2.0


  • saves space
  • everything is animated (you can turn it off if you want)
  • you can place the button of the panel on the top, bottom, left or right
  • it can collapse to the button or the button can collapse with the panel
  • ExpandPanels can resize the height of the panels, that they fill the full height of the parent
  • Can have only one, or multiple panels opened


Alexander Roth



Download Package and Demo

You can check out the svn with this command:

svn co http://svn.lazarusforum.de/svn/expandpanels expandpanels