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The TXMLDocument class holds XML data, e.g. from a file. It is a child of TDOMDocument.


This is excerpted from dom.pas

TXMLDocument = class(TDOMDocument)
    FXMLVersion: DOMString;
    procedure SetXMLVersion(const aValue: DOMString);
    // These fields are extensions to the DOM interface:
    Encoding, StylesheetType, StylesheetHRef: DOMString;

    function CreateCDATASection(const data: DOMString): TDOMCDATASection; override;
    function CreateProcessingInstruction(const target, data: DOMString): TDOMProcessingInstruction; override;
    function CreateEntityReference(const name: DOMString): TDOMEntityReference; override;
    property XMLVersion: DOMString read FXMLVersion write SetXMLVersion;

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