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I have remove the line "There's no support for 32 bit Qt5 binary versions from Digia, so if you need 32 bit Qt5 on Linux you must build a complete Qt5 on your own, including libQt5Pas.", it was incorrect, Lazarus Qt5 works fine on any Linux that supports a reasonably recent Qt5 and has, or can get a usable libqt5pas --Dbannon (talk) 02:57, 5 August 2020 (CEST)

there is no package named libq25-dev in fedora

there is no package named libqt5pas-dev in Fedora DBannon. it bugged me for the first time to find the correct package name. so I edited the page and added a simple parenthesis to mention the correct name for Fedora (qt5pas-devel on Fedora) after ..approach is to install libqt5pas-dev.. and you removed it! why?