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"Most of the developing time spent in Pascal is on the program itself. Unlike C and C++ like language, the developer does not need to focus on managing the memory of variables, the structure of very simple things like passing parameters and returning them back again."

You don't need to manage memory of the string and dynamic array types, but of all others, GetMem, classtypes.Create you do; this paragraph is misleading, incomplete, and/or inaccurate ;-).

"That is why Pascal developers do not need to learn a new sub-language inside the same language, like C++ STL, MFC and other sub languages inside C and C++."

This is also not really true, depending on the definition of a sub-language. STL/MFC are libraries not languages, and one needs to learn RTL/FCL/LCL/whatever you want to work with anyway. Might be easier but has not really got anything to do with the language Pascal itself.

Good points of pascal are the strong typing and the readability focus, plus fpc's goal to keep language feature additions to a minimum, ie. they really have to add something substantial and not save only some typing. These things are missing on the page.