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Full name: Vincent Snijders

Email: vsnijders at

IRC nick: fpcfan, you can use your browser as IRC client.

My goal is to make lazarus as good on windows as it is on linux (or even better).

I build daily snapshots of the lazarus source and installers for win32, linux and Mac OSX. For more information see Lazarus Snapshots Downloads.

Some links to help me create wiki pages (maybe to be moved to a help page):

Syntax highlighting

Templates for new pages (component release pages):


My stylesheet: User:Vincent/monobook.css

My personal lazarus todo list.

User:Vincent/Mediawiki customizations

Automatically uploading releases to sourceforge

Creating SID Chroot

Creating a Fedora Chroot


exim help


query resolved issues.

SELECT count(*) FROM `mantis_bug_table`  
where (fixed_in_version='0.9.28' or 
fixed_in_version='0.9.27 (SVN)' or 
fixed_in_version=' (SVN)' or 
fixed_in_version='' )
and status>=80

query copy versions from lazarus project (id=1) to packages (3) and patches (7)

insert into `mantis_project_version_table` 
(`project_id`, `version`, `date_order`, `description`, `released`)
select 3, version, date_order, '' as description, released
from `mantis_project_version_table` vp1
where project_id=1 and date_order > '2012-01-01'
        and not exists
        (select id
         from `mantis_project_version_table` vp3
         where vp3.project_id=3 and vp1.version=vp3.version)