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This is a list of things I hope to work on the coming time, so you can see I have great ideas. ;-)

  • Improve Lazarus release building process:
    • create a tool for automating building Lazarus releases. The current process requires me to login on several build machines, switch to the correct tag and start the release building. I hope to improve this using BLR. Lazarus and and its release candidates were built with BLR.
    • Add md5sum checking to confirm that all uploads have been done correctly.
  • create a tool to select revisions to be merged to the fixes branch from the available revision list
  • make deb snapshots and put them in a lazarus-unstable repository
    • after testing by users, those debs can be moved to the existing lazarus-testing repository
  • create a test suite, that can be run unattended, for example after a nightly build or before a release.
    • make test scripts with autohotkey on windows.
    • automate it all with fpcunit
    • upload the testresults on a html page, so that there is a kind of dash board
    • find alternatives for autohotkey on *nix, maybe autokey. Another alternative Simba, written with fpc for both Windows and Linux.
  • find out how to setup mediawiki multilingual
  • improve language detection
  • create documentation (stubs) for lcl/widgetset. Here details for implementing a widgetset interface can be added, such as assumptions on what the LCL expects. It can help porting the LCL to a new widget set.
  • creating a source based installer for win32. User can select packages and if they want to have rtl with debug info.
  • write a database backend for FPCBots markov response generator to replace the in-memory stringlists and file persistant storage.
  • Improve help integration in the IDE
    • easier installation of local help
    • make local version of IDE help
    • make help browser ready (robust enough) for use in big ide
    • better search (port Lucene?), OTOH chm search works fine

If you have suggestions or comments, feel free to add them to the talk page.