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1- Document Grids unit

 1.1- TCustomGrid
 1.2- TStringGrid
 1.3- TDrawGrid

2- Help to document units whose documentation has already begun but not finished.

3- Extend TStringGrid or TRTTIGrid to TLazGrid with new features:

 3.1- Comprehensive set of default editors: MaskEdit, Date, DateTime, Time, Image, Memo, SpinEdit (Subrange), RichEdit, Currency, Set
   (OnGetEditText, OnGetEditMask, OnSelectEditor, OnEditButtonClick, OnPickListSelect)
 3.2- Default Navigator
 3.3- Printer dialog with preview
 3.4- Search
 3.5- CardView (TObjectProperty)
 3.6- Filter (parser?)
 3.7- Sort by column (OnHeaderClick, OnCompareCell, SortColRow)
 3.8- Remove/insert columns (TGridColumn.visible)
 3.9- Indicators (>, *, bookmarks)
 3.10- AutoSizeColumns (method)
 3.11- Group by columns (OnDrawCell)
 3.12- Master/Details
 3.13- Agreggate functions in Group by

4- Convert TMS Diagram Studio to Lazarus, offer patch to TMS.

5- Convert pitBrowser to Lazarus.

6- Adapting project Ioda for help offline self contained for Lazarus.

7- Collect code snippets from Lazarus sources (using Ioda?) and put in LCL help online.

8- Propose new CSS for help online. The current is not attractive.

9- Access FPC manual with F1.

10- Help to improve the Lazarus debugger using code from MSEide