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The data type WideString has no size limit and comprises of an array of type WideChar. The functions of the LazUTF8 unit are there to facilitate the conversion of types from AnsiString to WideString and from WideString to AnsiString.

The examples below are for Windows operating systems!


{ Definition of the WideString and AnsiString data types }

  w: WideString;
  a: AnsiString; 

  { Examples of correct assignment of AnsiString to WideString }

  w: = UTF8ToUTF16 ('0123ABCabc456AöU!, .-');
  w: = w + UTF8ToUTF16 (IntToString (45)); 

  { Example of correct assignment of a WideString to an AnsiString }

  a: = UTF16ToUTF8 (w);