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Unit unit group comment
dom - Implements most of the DOM level 1 specification and supports some of the DOM level 2 extensions.
dom_html -
htmldefs - Contains basic HTML declarations.
htmlelements - Implements a DOM for HTML content. Contains a TDOMElement descendent for all valid HTML 4.1 tags.
htmlwriter - Implements a verified HTML producer.
htmwrite -
sax -
sax_html -
sax_xml -
xhtml -
xmlcfg -
xmlconf -
xmliconv - Registers an any-to-UTF-16 decoder based on libiconv (iconvenc package)
xmliconv_windows - Registers an any-to-UTF-16 decoder based on libiconv (iconvenc package), Windows version. (still uses iconv!)
xmlread - Provides an XML reader, which can read XML data from a file or stream.
xmlstreaming -
xmlutils -
xmlwrite - Writes a DOM structure as XML data into a file or stream. It can deal both with XML files and XML fragments.
xpath - Just a XPath implementation. Should be fairly completed, but there hasn't been further development recently.

Include files

include file comment
tagsintf.inc contains all possible tags for htmlelements
wtagsintf.inc contains all possible tags for htmlwriter

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