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gir2pascal is a program to convert gobject-introspection (*.gir) xml files into into pascal files which can be compiled (hopefully) without modification.

More information about gobject-introspection technology can be found here:

Some of the features of gir2pascal are:

  • Converts the .gir file used as an argument into a .pas file
  • Also converts any .gir files required into .pas files.
  • GObject's are mapped to pascal objects(not classes) for easier use.
  • Creating an instance of an object is done through Foo :=
  • Bitfields are accessed using properties.
  • Can currently generate bindings for gtk3, glib2, atk1, pango1 and webkit without the resulting files needing to be modified to be compiled and linked.
  • Many other .gir files may work as well




Andrew Haines

Email: (andrewd207 at aol dot com)

If you find this program useful you can donate with paypal here.


You can download the source from svn

 svn co gir2pascal

Or alternatively you can browse the source here