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This page is about migrating FPC from SVN to git


What part of SVN to migrate ?

  • More is better.
    Jonas has a very complete git mirror of the SVN+CVS part.
    (care needs to be taken: there used to be a time when copyrighted code was checked in)
    A first test conversion by Florian using subgit was attempted: completed in 5 hours 1, creash. Looks OK.
  • In order to save on diskspace, find ways to tell user how to clone only a part.

Use git clone --depth 1 to get only the latest revision (with fetch, later on more revisions can be fetched if needed)

Branching model ?

Various models exist:

 Something like the current one
 or a different one?

User management ?

Git has no concept of users. To manage permissions on a server, a separate program is needed.


  • Advantages
    • uses git repo for administration
    • No server binary
  • Disadvantages
    • No web interface
    • administration needs ssh key, only ssh possible.
    • Web integration ?


  • Advantages
    • Web based
    • Fine tuning possible
  • Disadvantages
    • Separate config
    • Requires running binary all the time, on a separate port.

What about Lazarus ?

Tool for migration



  • very flexible
  • very fast (remote cloning of the whole FPC repository takes ?)


  • external java-based tool, so some dependencies



  • included in git it self


  • less flexible

Work to do

Migrate SVN repo.

Set up user management and permissions.

Set up and automate github mirror