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Currently FPC uses various sets of tools from the current packages

- GNU Binutils. - GNU Make - GNU Fileutils - GNU Diffutils - GNU Shellutils

- Fileutils, Shellutils, and Textutils are combined in coreutils since 2005

This page is meant to track the versioning of these utils. Please, if you update external version, consider only formal releases of mingw or djgpp. If there are notable other builds, note them in a bullet list UNDER the table. This allows some overview.


file package our version external version remarks
asbinutils2.172.25r2 (ours packed w/ buggy UPX 2.93)
ldbinutils2.172.25r2 (ours packed w/ buggy UPX 2.93)
strip binutils 2.172.25r2
gdb -
gdb (in ide) - 6.1.1
make -
cmp diffutils
diff diffutils
cp fileutils 4.14.1r2
ginstall fileutils 4.14.1r2
gmkdir fileutils 4.14.1r2
mv fileutils 4.14.1r2
rm fileutils 4.14.1r2
gdate shutils
gecho shutils
pwd shutils 2.0.11 2.0.11r2
grep 2.5.3 2.22
patch 2.5.9 2.7.1r2
zip 2.32 2.323.0 builds from sources
cwsdpmidjgppr7 2010r7 2010
wmemu387djgppbeta 1.11beta 1.11 (aka, /current/v2misc/wmemu21[bs].zip)


file package our version external version remarks
strip binutils 2.22
windresbinutils2.21.1 20050827
gdb - 7.2
make - 3.82
cmp diffutils 2.7
diff diffutils 2.7
cp fileutils 4.0a
ginstall fileutils 3.16Needs manifest on Vista, added in 2.4.0
gmkdir fileutils 3.16
mv fileutils 3.16
rm fileutils 3.16
gcc gcc 2.95
cpp gcc 2.95 (19990728)
gdate shutils 1.13
gecho shutils 1.9.4
pwd shutils - doesn't understand --version, no version info with strings
gorc 0.90.3c
grep 2.5.1
patch 2.5 Needs manifest on Vista.
unzip 5.42 (jan 2001)
zip 2.3 (november 1999)


file package our version external version remarks
asbinutils2.14A newer AS version is necessary for support of newer CPU instructions (e.g. SSE3), but the OS/2 port has a wider set of dependencies (e.g. a different libc) and thus it is not included right now. Port available on (version 2.25) has been tested successfully.
gdb - 4.16
make - 3.76.1Port of version 3.81 built by kmk with Innotek port of GCC and klibc 0.63 has been tested successfully, but it is not included due to different libc not included with FPC.
     LD for EMX
     EMXBIND 0.9d
     NM 2.9.1 for EMX
     GASP 1.2 for EMX
     ObjCopy 2.9.1 for EMX
     ObjDump 2.9.1 for EMX
     Strip 2.9.1 for EMX
     RANLIB 2.9.1 for EMX
     Make 3.76.1
     RM 3.13
     CP 3.13
     MV 3.13
     ChMod 3.13
     PWD 1.12
     Install 3.13
     GDate 1.12
     Echo 1.12
     Diff 2.8      contains the GNU Debugger 4.16 for EMX,
                 PMGDB (Presentation Manager add-on for GDB) and GPROF 2.9.1


Unices usually use the tools as packaged by their distribution (or external GNU distribution, if a commercial Unix). On GNU tools are sometimes prefixed with a "g" to distinguish them from the standardly installed tools. (gmake,gld,gas etc)