i386 Linux Embedded Systems

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This page shall offer a hardware selection guide for those seeking an X86 based platform for FPC and want also to benefit of the capabilities of the underlying Linux OS. Development kits are listed below their respective targets(mentioning the additional features in the I/O column)

Also this will link to a FPC Embedded Nutshell page, which holds readymade 'hello world' samples for various systems, to be able to tryout FPC on your system before having to undergo a full installation and a possible build/crosscompile etc.

Products are listed alphabetically.

Model Version CPU Speed RAM Flash ext. Stor I/O JTAG OS FPC Notes

|| ||Vortex86SX||300MHz||128M DDR2||2M||DOM-Support,EIDE||ISA,KBD,1E,1S,1UH,16D||Yes||Linux, CE5, CE6|| ||-

Shortcuts for Column 'I/O'

  • ISA ISA-Bus
  • IDE IDE-Bus
  • KBD Keyboard Port
  • nS Serial Ports
  • nE Ethernet Ports
  • nEG Ethernet Ports(Gigabit)
  • nD Digital I/O
  • nK Keys
  • nL Leds
  • UH USB Host
  • UC USB Console (Serial to USB converter on board)
  • UD USB Device
  • CF CF interface
  • SD SD Card Interface