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nixie (TNixieDisplay) is a a component to display numeric values using images of nixie tubes:


play with the properties:

  • Digits how many digits to show
  • Value the number to show (if there aren't enough digits ---- will be displayed instead)
  • LeadingZero if you want to show the leading zeroes or omit them (i.e. the tube will be shown in an off state)
  • Color using clNone will paint transparently over the background, any other color will be solid
  • Style NsTube will use images of ZM1082 nixie tubes while NsRound will show round nixies


Luca Olivetti


Modified LGPL as per the FCL license

ZM1082 images by Cestmir Hybl in the public domain, see

Round nixie images by Hellbus under a Creative Commons Attributions-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, see


You can get this component from the source repository here.

Dependencies / System Requirements

  • None that I know of

Status: Stable (I hope)


  • Get the source from here.
  • Open the package nixiedisplay.lpk in the lazarus ide
  • Click install
  • After the installation the TNixieDisplay component will be in the Misc tab of the components palette