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Light bulb  Note: Since Lazarus v1.4.0, Lazarus has switched to .res format instead of .lrs; see Lazarus_1.4.0_release_notes.
To create .res resource files you can use either lazres or winres

lazres is a lazarus resource tool to create and convert .rc, .lrs and .res files.

Lazres can be found as <root>/lazarus/tools/lazres.lpi and might need to be compiled. In Ubuntu installations lazres is precompiled and available in /usr/bin

Usage: lazres resourcefilename filename1[=resname1] [filename2[=resname2] ... filenameN=resname[N]]
       lazres resourcefilename @filelist

To create a resource file MYRES.RES with two .bmp graphics files use:

lazres MYRES.RES MyImage1.bmp=IMG1 MyImage2.bmp=IMG2

A resource file can be of type:

.RC resource description file plaintext
.LRS lazarus (pascal) resource plaintext
.RES compiled resource binary default

Using resources


Include .lrs file in the initialization section

  // .LRS files are plain-text pascal statements and need unit LResources to be included in the Uses clause
 {$I MyResources.lrs}


Load .res file in the implementation section

  // .RES files are binary resources and can be loaded
  {$R MyResources.res}

  img: TImage; 
  img.Picture.Bitmap.LoadFromResourceName( hInstance, 'IMG1' );

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