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Tutorials for programming ARM microcontrollers with FPC and Lazarus. This applies, for example, to the STM32 microcontrollers and RP2040 (Raspberry Pi Pico) microcontroller.

Set up driver / cross compiler / IDE


Raspberry Pi Pico

To best use this tutorial you will need to buy (at least) two Raspberry Pi Pico, we will use one as a target and the second one as a debug probe. Do yourself a favour, invest $4 for a second device, being able to debug is worth so much more.

As the Pico is brand new and support for the board is a work in progress I'd recommend that you set up a dedicated installation of Lazarus and Free Pascal as you will need to use both trunk version of Lazarus and a specially patched version of FPC that includes the necessary adjustments so that FPC knows about the Pico. Also expect changes as we all learn along the way.

To access the Raspberry Pi Pico examples below, together with all needed dependencies, clone this repository:

Create issues and add feature requests on Github:

ARM programming Examples


Raspberry Pi Pico

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