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This page describes the current status of the BeOS/Haiku port of Free Pascal.


Since FPC 2.4.0 there is official support for Haiku. The FPC release can be downloaded from here.

In the past

Here are unofficial builds needed to compile Free Pascal on those platforms :

- BeOS : fpc-2.2.1.i386-beos.tar.gz 
- Haiku : fpc-2.2.1.i386-haiku.tar.gz 

Those compilers should compile "branches/fixes_2_2" and trunk.

What is missing is a specific target for haiku to use the native ld included in the development package instead of a R5 one. This work is in progress. Until then, the native ld could be used by replacing




in compiler/systems/t_beos.pas when compiling under Haiku.

The console mode IDE should work but compiling it with gdb support is more complicated (you will need to collect a lot of static libraries from the haiku build : libgdb.a and all its dependencies...).

Here is a snapshot of fpc 2.3.1 for Haiku (revision 11134) : fpc-2.3.1.i386-haiku.tar.gz

This snapshot contains the text mode IDE compiled with debugging support.