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In most cases of cross-compiling from one platform to another you need cross binutils, i.e. assembler, linker, and so on.

Building your own binutils

If they are not readily available for your combination of host and target platform, you can compile them from the sources from their home page (

This is a quite typical configure for the binutils, in particular useful together with fpc:

./configure \
--target=arm-linux \
--prefix=/usr/local/lib/arm-linux \
--bindir=/usr/local/bin --mandir=/usr/local/share/man --infodir=/usr/local/share/info \
--program-prefix=arm-linux \

for Unix/Linux-like targets, the options target and prefix are fairly straight forward, but not for others.

List of options:

Platform Target Prefix
Windows (32 bit) i386-mingw32 i386-win32
Win CE (Intel) i386-wince i386-wince
Win CE (arm) arm-wince-pe arm-wince
Win CE (i386) i386-wince i386-wince
Solaris i386-solaris i386-solaris
OS/2 i386-os2-emx i386-os2
go32v2 i386-go32 i386-go32v2
i386-netbsd i386-netbsdelf-gnu i386-netbsd
Symbian OS i386-? i386-?
Mac OS X (i386) i386-darwin i386-darwin
Mac OS X (PowerPC) powerpc-darwin powerpc-darwin
Mac OS X (x86-64) x86_64-darwin x86_64-darwin
iPhoneOS arm-darwin? arm-darwin?
Amiga (classic) m68k-amiga m68k-amiga
Amiga OS powerpc-? powerpc-?
AROS (i386) i386-aros i386-aros
MorphOS ppc-morphos powerpc-morphos
arm-gba arm-thumb-elf arm-gba
arm-nds arm-thumb-elf arm-nds
arm-embedded arm-elf arm-embedded
arm-symbian ? ?
arm-PalmOS ? ?
arm-linux arm-linux arm-linux
sparc-linux sparc-linux sparc-linux
sparc-solaris sparc-solaris sparc-solaris
m68k-linux m68k-linux m68k-linux
m68k-netbsd m68k-netbsdelf m68k-netbsd
m68k-embedded m68k-elf m68k-embedded
mipsel-linux mipsel-linux mipsel-linux
i8086-msdos msdos-nasm and linker 8086-msdos
x86_64-w64 x86_64-w64-mingw32 x86_64-w64