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Brook Framework is a cross-platform microframework which helps to develop web Pascal applications built by Delphi or Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal. Its core has been developed using libsagui, a cross-platform C library incorporating GNU libmicrohttpd, uthash, PCRE2, ZLib and GnuTLS.

Author: Silvio Clecio

License: GNU LGPL


Comparison with Brook for Free Pascal

Brook for Free Pascal is an earlier web application library by the same developer.

  • Brook Framework uses libmicrohttpd and GnuTLS, wrapped into libsagui, for its underlying HTTP/S functionality;
  • Brook for Free Pascal is pure Pascal and relies on the HTTP functionality provided by fcl-web, covering CGI, FastCGI and standalone.

For deployment of Brook Framework applications, it is necessary to bundle the application with the libsagui DLL/dylib/so file; depending on how libsagui is built, it may be necessary to also bundle other dynamic library files that libsagui depends on.


  • mORMot - Synopse mORMot ORM/SOA/MVC framework.
  • FreeSpider - Web development package for Free Pascal/Lazarus.
  • FCL-Web Built-in Free Pascal web library.
  • Fano Framework Web application framework for modern Pascal programming language.