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Can you explain in English, why there is and and not just one category? "no muy elegante" is a bit unclear. Vincent 08:42, 13 June 2008 (CEST)

Castellano / español /elegancia

Los que hablamos la lengua de Cervantes llamamos a esta castellano o español, y la división traspasa, mares, continentes y países.

Además este tema tiene un trasfondo político que es bastante difícil de explicar (ver Artículo 3 de la Constitución española).

La ñ no se muestra en la barra de direcciones... y eso es poco elegante.


Those who speak the language of Cervantes call this Castilian or Spanish, and the division transferred, seas, continents and countries. This item also has a political background that is quite difficult to explain.

The ñ does not come out in the address bar ... and that's a little elegant.

English is something of google, I do not ever studied. I read it and understand it, but not write it ... I'm sorry.