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Value range: -2E64 + 1 .. 2E63-1.

Accuracy: 19 positions.

Memory occupancy: 8 bytes or 64 bits.

Property: A data field of data type Comp accepts floating point values ​​or integers, signed or unsigned. Any other value leads to a compilation error, so the program will not be created.

Important: The Comp type is only supported by 80x86 processors (this type is therefore not portable).

Declaration of a data field of type Comp:

    c : Comp;

Example of correct assignments:

    c := -123.45678;
    c := 0;
    c := 123.45678;

Example of incorrect assignments:

    c := '-123.45678';
    c := '0';
    c := '123.45678';

These last examples try to affect non-integer literal values ​​(string) which require an explicit conversion.