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Contacts Database is a small application that builds on the example address book application that comes packaged with Lazarus. This version has an altered database structure and allows the user to print either the current record or all of the database records.

It makes use of the TDBF component and also the LazReport components.

The Windows version comes wrapped in an installer. It contains both the Binary executable and the full source code of the application.

The Linux version comes as two seperate downloadable files. The executable binary, with a small database, in .tar.gz format and the source code also in .tar.gz format.


Open Source. Use as you see fit.

Current State - Version 1

  • The GUI is in a suitable state.
  • Print routines have been implemented.
  • LazReport has been used to print out the full database.
  • There is no documentation at the moment. The souce code has some rudimentary explanations.
  • The Linux version source code is a little different to account for slight differences in screen display and printer settings.

Current State - Version 2

  • The GUI has been tidied up.
  • A previous files option has been added to the File menu.

Current State - Version 2 SQLite3 version

  • Slightly altered GUI from TDBF Contacts as a search function has been implemented.
  • Simple help file included with the application.

Available Downloads

Binary downloads for windows and Linux and the source packages are available at The WibblyTim site or Lazarus CCR.