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Please see Editor Macros PascalScript for info how to use PascalScript Macros in the IDE Source editor.

The macro shown below aligns selected code to a specific token. It looks for a specific token in each selected line, and aligns each occurrence of it.

Select the 3 lines. If the selection starts right before the ":" then the ":" will be detected. A prompt will ask you to confirm the ":". Then all ":" will be aligned. (If you use a word for alignment, please note, that it will be matched regardless of word boundaries)

  text: string;
  a: Integer;
  foo: boolean

The macro:

function IsIdent(c: Char): Boolean;
  Result := ((c >= 'a') and (c <= 'z')) or
            ((c >= 'A') and (c <= 'Z')) or
            ((c >= '0') and (c <= '9')) or
            (c = '_');

  p1, p2: TPoint;
  s1, s2: string;
  i, j, k: Integer;
  if not Caller.SelAvail then exit;
  p1 := Caller.BlockBegin;
  p2 := Caller.BlockEnd;
  if (p1.y > p2.y) or ((p1.y = p2.y) and (p1.x > p2.x)) then begin
    p1 := Caller.BlockEnd;
    p2 := Caller.BlockBegin;
  s1 := Caller.Lines[p1.y - 1];
  s2 := '';
  i := p1.x
  while (i <= length(s1)) and (s1[i] in [#9, ' ']) do inc(i);
  j := i;
  if i <= length(s1) then begin
    if IsIdent(s1[i]) then // pascal identifier
      while (i <= length(s1)) and IsIdent(s1[i]) do inc(i)
      while (i <= length(s1)) and not(IsIdent(s1[i]) or (s1[i] in [#9, ' '])) do inc(i);
  if i > j then s2 := copy(s1, j, i-j);

  if not InputQuery( 'Align', 'Token', s2) then exit;

  j := 0;
  for i := p1.y to p2.y do begin
    s1 := Caller.Lines[i - 1];
    k := pos(s2, s1);
    if (k > j) then j := k;
  if j < 1 then exit;

  for i := p1.y to p2.y do begin
    s1 := Caller.Lines[i - 1];
    k := pos(s2, s1);
    if (k > 0) and (k < j) then begin
      Caller.LogicalCaretXY := Point(k, i);
      while k < j do begin
        ecChar(' ');


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