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O Explorador de Código mostra um arquivo Pascal como duas árvores. Existem duas páginas, Code and Directives. A página Code mostra a estrutura Pascal - types, variables, constants, classes, etc. A página Directives mostra a estrutura das diretivas do compilador - $IFDEFs, $DEFINEs, $INCLUDEs, etc.

Double click on the nodes to jump to the corresponding position in the source.

Hint: The code explorer is a floating window. That means you can leave it open and switch freely between other floating windows like the source editor or the object inspector.


Click on this button to update parse the current unit in the source editor and rebuild the tree in the code explorer.


Open the dialog to setup the options of the code explorer.

Filter (text field above treeview)

For example 'to' will show all identifiers containing 'to'. Like 'Button', 'IntToStr'.