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Desktops expand the IDE configuration. They are containers for the following states:

  • IDE windows states, positions and sizes
  • Window page settings in the environment options
  • Completion window size
  • IDE Coolbar settings
  • Editor Toolbar settings
  • Component palette settings

For example, it is possible to make a desktop that shows the Source Editor, Object Inspector and Messages windows.

A "Debug" desktop simplifies running an application for debugging. For example, the debug desktop can additionally show the "Call Stack" window and hide the Object Inspector and other windows that are not needed when debugging.

Dialog "Manage desktops"


This dialog can be called from the IDE's Tools menu. It allows you to create/delete/rename desktops and choose any of them as the debug desktop. It is also possible to export (or import) desktops to (or from) XML files.

If you see "grayed" listbox items, then those grayed-out desktops are incompatible with the current docked/undocked state of the IDE.