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This is part of the online help for the IDE.
It describes the section: "Editor" / "Completion and Hints". You can open the described dialog in your IDE via:

  • The menu: "Tools" => "Options" / Editor options ...
  • The source-editor pop-up menu: "Editor properties ...



Completion and Hints

Auto remove empty methods

Published methods without code are automatically removed on save. For example: When you double click on a form the IDE creates the published method FormCreate. When this is option is enabled and the method is still empty the IDE will remove it when you save the form.

Complete blocks

Complete blocks. For example, when you type begin and press return the IDE will automatically add the end;. This feature exists since 0.9.27.

Tooltip symbol Tools

When the mouse moves over an identifier in the source editor and waits a few seconds the IDE will present a hint with some informations.

Tooltip expression evaluation

During debugging the tooltip hint will try to evaluate the expression at the cursor.


Set here the waiting period before the hint pops up.