IDE Window: Editor Window Manager

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Editor Window Manager lets you select, reorder and close source file windows that are open in editor. It is especially useful when there are many of them open. Then you can for example select and close most of them.

User Interface

List of editor files

Listbox with all the filenames. (In the future CheckListBox may be changed to a ListView which allows columns and more info.) Checked items are affected by buttons "Save all checked", "Close all checked".


Enter here part of filename to show only such filenames in listbox.

Check All

Checks all items in the listbox.

Save All Checked

Saves all files which have items checked in the listbox.

Close All Checked

Closes all tabs which have items checked in the listbox.

Up/Down buttons

Move selected listbox item upper or lower in the listbox. This has little sense, only to change tabs order in IDE.