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The Lazarus Image Editor is a raster image and icon editor for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and all other desktop platforms supported by Lazarus.

Recent screenshots

Icon Editor under Windows XP

Lazarus Icon Editor is a simple icon editor with the ability to create lrs files.

Icon Editor Roadmap


  • load and save in various graphics formats
  • save as lrs (Lazarus resource)
  • picture preview
  • multiple picture editing in notebook panels
  • palette
  • custom zoom
  • grid
  • pen, brush and paper color


  • masks
  • eraser
  • flood fill
  • color picker
  • pen
  • line
  • rectangle / round rectangle
  • polygon
  • ellipse
  • spray





svn checkout

You can also download the whole SVN directory in a compressed tarball archive.

You must also download and install: LazRGBGraphics (latest SVN), ColorPalette.


Status: Beta


x - completely implemented, / - partially implemented

Feature Type Target Implemented Remark
Tool icons Design 0.1 x
Lazarus Icon Editor icon Design 0.1 /
Command icons Design 0.1 x
About Lazarus Icon Editor image Design 0.1 x
About Lazarus Icon Editor Docs 0.1 x
Info on the web Docs 0.1
Load/save bmp, xpm, png Formats 0.1 x ico, xpm and png transparency
Export as *.lrs Formats 0.1 x can add to existing lrs?
Picture preview GUI 0.1 x
Show grid GUI 0.1 x
Editing multiple pictures in notebook GUI 0.1 x
Palette GUI 0.1 x
Pen, brush, paper color GUI 0.1 x
Mouse pos GUI 0.1 x
Mouse delta GUI 0.1 x
Color under mouse GUI 0.1 x
Enable/disable commands GUI 0.1 x
Fix TScrollBox bugs LCL 0.1 GTK + Win32
Fix mouse capture bug LCL 0.1 GTK
Resize truncate Picture 0.1 x
Resize paper Picture 0.1 x
Flip horizontally/vertiacally Picture 0.1 x
Rotate 90°/180°/270° Picture 0.1 x
Colors invert Picture 0.1 x
Colors disable Picture 0.1 x
Colors grayscale Picture 0.1 x
Clip paper to mask Picture 0.1 x
Invert/remove mask Picture 0.1 x
Cut/copy/delete/select all Picture 0.1 x
Public release Release 0.1
Color picker Tools 0.1 x
Pen Tools 0.1 x
Eraser/replacer Tools 0.1 x
Flood fill Tools 0.1 x
Spray Tools 0.1 x
Line Tools 0.1 x
Rectangle/round rectangle Tools 0.1 x
Ellipse Tools 0.1 x
Drawing shape while dragging Tools 0.1 x
Mask Tools 0.1 x
Own color dialog GUI 0.2
Localization support GUI 0.2
Doublebuffering on GTK LCL 0.2
Undo/redo Picture 0.2
Apply spray/eraser while dragging Tools 0.2
Polygon Tools 0.2
Objects Picture 0.3
Paste Picture 0.3
Help topics Docs 1.0
Save ico Formats 1?
Load/save gif Formats 1?
Custom zoom GUI 1?
Palette modification GUI 1?
Printing GUI 1?
Custom rotate Picture 1?
Resize smooth Picture 1?
Blur Picture 1?
Noise Picture 1?
Find edges Picture 1?
Thick lines Tools 1?
Antialiasing Tools 1?
Text Tools 1?
Alpha blending Tools 1?