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PASCAL-XSC: PASCAL for Extended Scientific Computing.

This is the dialect of Pascal developed in Germany in "Institut für Angewandte Mathematik".

The programming language PASCAL-XSC was developed to supply a powerful tool for the numerical solution of scientific problems based upon a properly defined and implemented computer arithmetic in the usual spaces of numerical computation. The main concepts of PASCAL-XSC are

  • ISO Standard PASCAL
  • Universal operator concept (user-defined operators)
  • Functions and operators with arbitrary result type
  • Overloading of procedures, functions, and operators
  • Access to subarrays
  • String concept
  • Controlled rounding
  • Optimal (exact) scalar product
  • Predefined type dotprecision (a fixed point format to cover the whole range of floating-point products)
  • Additional arithmetic built-in types such as complex, interval, rvector, rmatrix, etc.
  • Highly accurate arithmetic for all built-in types
  • Highly accurate elementary functions
  • Exact evaluation of expressions within accurate expressions (#-expressions)

Homepage: http://www2.math.uni-wuppertal.de/wrswt/xsc/pxsc.html