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4Ga - 汉诺塔参考答案 (原作者: Tao Yue, 状态: 英文部分为原文/中文部分有适当增删)

(* Author:    Tao Yue
   Date:      13 July 2000
      Solves the Towers of Hanoi
      1.0 - original version

program TowersofHanoi;

   numdiscs : integer;


procedure DoTowers (NumDiscs, OrigPeg, NewPeg, TempPeg : integer);
(* Explanation of variables:
      Number of discs -- number of discs on OrigPeg/NumDiscs -- 初始塔高
      OrigPeg -- peg number of the tower/一开始放塔的杆子的编号(初始杆)
      NewPeg -- peg number to move the tower to/要移到的杆子的编号(目标杆)
      TempPeg -- peg to use for temporary storage/剩余的那根杆子的编号(过度杆)

   (* Take care of the base case -- one disc / 解决最基本的情况——只有一个盘子*)
   if NumDiscs = 1 then
      writeln (OrigPeg, ' ---> ', NewPeg)
   (* Take care of all other cases / 解决其余情况*)
         (* First, move all discs except the bottom disc
            首先,把所有除了底层的圆盘移到 过度杆
            to TempPeg, using NewPeg as the temporary peg
            亦即把 过度杆 设定为新的 目标杆
            for this transfer *)
         DoTowers (NumDiscs-1, OrigPeg, TempPeg, NewPeg);
         (* Now, move the bottommost disc from OrigPeg
            现在,把底层的圆盘由 原本的初始杆 移到 原本的目标杆
            to NewPeg *)
         writeln (OrigPeg, ' ---> ', NewPeg);
         (* Finally, move the discs which are currently on
            最后,将位于 过度杆 的塔移到目标杆
            TempPeg to NewPeg, using OrigPeg as the temporary
            这时要将 原本的初始杆 作为 新的过度杆
            peg for this transfer *)
         DoTowers (NumDiscs-1, TempPeg, NewPeg, OrigPeg)


begin    (* Main *)
   write ('Please enter the number of discs in the tower ===> '); {* 请输入圆盘数 ===> *}
   readln (numdiscs);
   DoTowers (numdiscs, 1, 3, 2)
end.     (* Main *)
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