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The System tab of the Component Palette contains non-visual operatingsystem-related components like timers.

Component Palette System.png

Icon Component Description Online Docs
ttimer.png TTimer Component allowing processing code at regular intervals Link
tidletimer.png TIdleTimer Similar to TTimer, but can be made active only when application is idle. Link
tlazcomponentqueue.png TLazComponentQueue Queue for streaming of components, used for multithreading or networking. Link
thtmlhelpdatabase.png THTMLHelpDatabase Allows access to html help pages Link
thtmlbrowserhelpviewer.png THTMLBrowserHelpViewer Starts the web browser to view the html help pages managed by THTMLHelpDatabase. Link
tasyncprocess.png TAsyncProcess Similar to TProcessUTF8, but can handle asynchronous processes Link
tsimpleipcclient.png TSimpleIPCClient Client for a simple one-way "Inter-Process Communication" (IPC) between two processes on the same machine. Link
tsimpleipcserver.png TSimpleIPCServer Server for IPC communication between two processes on the same machine. Needs TSimpleIPCClient. Link
txmlconfig.png TXMLConfig enables applications to stores configuration data in XML files Link
teventlog.png TEventLog cross-platform event logging system which can write to the system log or to a file Link
tservicemanager.png TServiceManager assists in platform-independent managing of services Link
tprocess.png TProcess starts an external process Link
tprocessutf8.png TProcessUTF8 like TProcess, but supports UTF8 strings. Link
tchmhelpdatabase.png TCHMHelpDatabase Allows access to a chm help file Link
tlhelpconnector.png TLHelpConnector Cooperates with TCHMHelpDatabase to display chm help files using the program lhelp Link
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