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Die möglichen Schreibweisen für FreePascal sind "Free Pascal" und "FreePascal". --FPK 11:58, 16 Mar 2005 (PST)

Formatting newlines

Since when can we use C style formatting in FPC ?

The current tools for translating dont support the #13#10 in the next line. That is why Lazarus currently uses a %s as placeholder. In the future we might use a custom format where C style formatting is allowed.

myLocalizableString := 'This can be easily localized.'#13#10'Translators will hug you for that.'

This is a feature of GNU gettext() which automatically translates the C escape characters into their real values when retrieving translated values =) This behaviour has been verified by simply trying it on some labels. -- Thomas

That's nice, but not usable. Text within lazarus should also be readable without gettext. So the default text should be formatted. -- Marc

Correction (for now): at least \" works (verified a few moments ago), and I think the others too, maybe only under certain circumstances (e.g. '\n' with multiline labels only?). I remember that when trying I managed to get a linebreak in an otherwise unbroken label. Will investigate that further... Summing it up, C style escape strings work for resourcestrings which are used in conjunction with GNU gettext (only). -- Thomas

Maybe it could be Windoze who automatically does that translation (just came to my mind). If that is the case (or it proves to be limited in some other ways), I'll certainly remove this note -- Thomas

This is a "feature" of GNU msgfmt(). Note removed. -- Thomas

In the future a lazarus formatter may do it as well. Those 'Some text%s%s%swith some returns" lines are hard to read. Besides, I can imagine thast a trranslator wants extra (or less) returns. -- Marc

Wanted translations

I'm searching for good translations of the following words/phrases. Any idea?

issue = ?

to fix a bug = ? Einen Fehler beseitigen

widgetset = ?

executable = ? ausführbar

debug output = ?

cycle the compiler = ?

treeview = ? Baumansicht

Console Mode Pascal = ?

multi-page = ?

tab = ?

button bar = ?

SVN checkout = ?

-- Swen